The Odyssey of Mirabelle

Winner of the 2008 Song of the Year, "Mirabelle" is the centerpiece
of this musical story of a woman's life in two acts.
"The Odyssey of Mirabelle" chronicles the adventures,
setbacks and triumphs of an endearing woman's life's journey -
from teenage years through marriage, raising a family, and ultimately
into her golden years. Multiple award winning composer
and performer Karen Hart brings the life of Mirabelle to the stage.
Get on board and take a roller coaster ride of emotions through
this mini musical filled with Karen's award winning songs.
From the Florida Keys to Nashville, from California to the Persian Gulf
to the Pacific Northwest, come along and experience
this beautiful life through Mirabelle's eyes.

"Karen writes everything you could hope for in a song. I am a huge fan."
Arthur Hamilton - Composer, "Cry Me A River", ASCAP Board of Directors

"Great visual imagery, storytelling. Straight to the heart!"
John Brahaney - Author, "The Craft and Business of Songwriting"

"I feel like she bitch-slapped us with her soul."
Sheena Metal - Radio Host, LA Talk Radio

"She captures a moment beautifully."
Bernard Baur - Music Connection Magazine / Musicians Institute

"Thank-you for your brilliant performance. I have to admit that I expected "Mirabelle"
to be too mushy for my taste, but despite myself, the tears came rolling out.
I wrote a note in our "Milestones-Joys and Sorrows" bulletin expressing my gratitude
for attending your performance and the injection of human compassion that it gave me.
Gene Herd
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